Fallen Cradle

A man chased by ghosts and fire.
Both hold the truth he seeks.

The West has fallen.

The city of Elugal is all that remains as a testament to the devastation of man, half-eaten by the sands of the Mid-West desert.

Jack has outlived his usefulness.  A death warrant stalks him like his own shadow. Yet, in the darkness of Jack’s doom flickers a spark of horrifying hope; one that he had prayed for but had never wished to prove true: could she still be alive?

A terrifying story of redemption and guilt, Fallen Cradle is an unstoppable force, tearing across a post-apocalyptic Old West-style America with all guns blazing, searching for answers before the monsters within and without can sink their claws in.

The Mountain She Built

A war within the soul of one man. Will he be able to face his terrifying demons, or will it be easier to kill his love than to kill for her?

Beeston, Connecticut. 1986.
A derelict dive bar.
The storm of the century.
The woman of his dreams.
One night of waking up will become his living nightmare.

Unforeseen violence, haunting supernatural experiences and jarring self-realisation. The Mountain She Built is a true horror classic for the modern age, as terrifying psychologically as it is literally.


They said it was suicide.
He doesn’t believe a word of it.

Frustrated newspaper editor Marcus Cockburn has nothing to report from inside the near-abandoned quarantine… except for the contempt he holds for his career.

But when his secret lover is murdered, the fragile burnout throws himself haphazardly into a tapestry of conspiracy, one woven from big business, love and crime. Can Cockburn remain sane and sober long enough to unpick the conspiracy and exact his revenge on her killer?


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