Fallen Cradle

(‘Wild Redemption’ series: Book 1)
Alan Riske

A man chased by ghosts and fire.
Both hold the truth he seeks.

The fire killed them ten years ago. Now Jack’s only remedy for his broken heart is through the work of ‘justice’.

But when a guilt-ridden confession throws his new world into disarray, it is all he can do to run from his bounty hunters and into the arms of his childhood home in the hope of unearthing the truth; a terrifying truth he had prayed for but had never wished would come true…




The Mountain She Built (COMING MARCH 2020)


Alan Riske

They said it was suicide.
He doesn’t believe a word of it.

Frustrated newspaper editor Marcus Cockburn has nothing to report from inside the near-abandoned quarantine… except for the contempt he holds for his career.

But when his secret lover is murdered, the fragile burnout throws himself haphazardly into a tapestry of conspiracy, one woven from big business, love and crime. Can Cockburn remain sane and sober long enough to unpick the conspiracy and exact his revenge on her killer?



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