Fallen Cradle

(‘Wild Redemption’ series: Book 1)
Alan Riske

A crooked doppelganger once decided to reclaim her own skin: that which man had called his land.

A bounty rests upon his head like a crown. His old life is burnt to ashes behind him. Death follows him like a faithful dog and nothing more.

Jack plays Sheriff, a pretense of justice keeping his mind distracted from what he lost in the fire. His daughter. His mother. His wife.

Then the dark and horrifying truth of that fateful night rears its head from the shadows, bared teeth and talonous claws, tearing into his new and old lives simultaneously.

Perhaps they didn’t all perish in the fire. And perhaps he is being chased by something far more terrifying than just the memory of his wife…


Alan Riske

They said it was suicide.
He doesn’t believe a word of it.

A colossal cordon wall holds a mostly forgotten city in the east of England under quarantine: nobody knows what happened with those ducks, and nobody seems to care.

Newspaper editor Marcus Cockburn is finding it harder and harder to give a damn about his life and work, but when his secret lover is murdered, he begins to regret wishing for more excitement in the city.

As he clumsily chases the truth surrounding her death, his questionable, inept decisions take him out of his depth, until he will eventually give anything – even his morals – to reclaim those little things in life that he once felt so boring.

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